Changing the face of emoji

Create your own moojis and use them on any app you'd like








Moojis is a new free and fun emoticon keyboard for iPhone and Android that uses your own face to create a cool emoji.  Moojis allows you to be creative and make as many of your own personal emojis as you want, using a photo of your real expressions to show your emotions. 
Take a selfie pulling different faces such as a smiley and watch yourself being sketched into an emoji that will appear in the Moojis keypad to share with your friends when you text or message on any app such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger, iMessage or MMS using the Moojis keyboard (simply installed through your phone's settings).
For the first time ever you'll be able to express yourself and share your feelings when messaging with your own personal emojis. Smile & Enjoy!

P.s. – We also create email signatures (in HTML), based on a Mooji chose by you. But that’s just for fun


And surprise your friends with emojis that are completely drawn of you

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